thermal strut

Thermal Barriers

Thermal breaks and barrier strips are highly sought after energy conservation systems. Manufacturers seeking to increase LEED performance and U-value characteristics approach thermal breaks and barriers as a tool to combat ever stricter government regulations and emphasis on smaller carbon footprints.

Thermal barriers decrease heat loss or heat gain and, when combined with aluminum, create a corrosion resistant, non-combustible, robust and durable system.


Western Extrusions is dedicated to your project and our mutual success.  As such, we partner with Azon to offer the most reliable products and processes on the market.  Furthermore, we send periodic samples of pour and debridge and thermal strip to Azon for third-party testing of our processes.

Thermal Barrier Strips

Allows for design flexibility, enabling multiple finishing options.

Provides a structurally secure assembly by increasing the strength and integrity of the system.

Provides a high shear strength, with value ranges specific to a single or multiple strut system.