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Big press extrusion
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Western Extrusions


Western Extrusions is always accepting applications to join our team. We offer a competitive salary and an awesome benefits package!


On site full Service Capabilities.

Western Extrusions closely monitors all orders that move through our facilities, in turn providing our customers with outstanding service, responsiveness and quality. Combining leading extrusion technology, superior fabrication and finishing services and one-on-one customer interaction has earned us a reputation for excellence. Contact us today to learn how we can be a turnkey resource for all your
extrusion, finishing and fabrication needs.


State of the art extrusions equipment, combined with highly experienced operators, ensures that Western produces high quality extrusions with repeatable consistent results.

Fabrication and Machining

Our capacity to generate and meet the special fabrication requirements of our customers is one of the most important aspects of western extrusions’ full-service capabilities.


Etching capabilities in Clear, Gold, Bronze, Black and Champagne for lengths up to 30 feet. Bright Dip capabilities in Silver, Gold, Bronze, Black, Champagne and Platinum (Brushed Nickel) for lengths up to 30 feet.


Western operates a horizontal paint line in lengths up to 30 feet utilizing Kynar and Polyester paints. The electrostatic spray applicationensures quality coating for the extruded product.

Thermal Barriers

Western Extrusions also provides pour and debridge capabilities. This process is used in the manufacture of aluminum thermal barrier windows and doors. We break the continuity of the framing profiles using a low conductivity polyurethane resin which is poured into an extrusion cavity and when hardened the base of the cavity is debridged, resulting in a composite extrusion which performs as a single structural entity. The resultant thermal bridge separating the interior and exterior of the frame has excellent energy conservation properties and will substantially reduce condensation or frost formation.

Quality Service

Western takes pride in shipping the highest quality aluminum extrusions in the industry. Therefore, we have provided our dedicated Quality Control department with some of the best resources available. Western offers some of the most advanced metallurgical services and testing abilities in our industry.

Customer Service

Our dedicated staff of customer service representatives is always either a phone call or an email away. The Western way is to provide superior service by establishing strong relationships with our customers in order to anticipate future needs. We strive to understand your business and help you succeed.

Quality Aluminum

Western’s modern extrusion line allows us to supply products in a broad range of sizes, solid and hollow shapes, and precision tolerances that the modern industry needs.