Thermal Breaks for Carrollton, TX

Thermal breaks and barrier strips are highly sought after energy conservation systems in Carrollton, TX. As leading thermal strut manufacturers, Western Extrusions seeks to increase LEED performance and U-value characteristics with all our products. So, we approach thermal breaks and barriers as a tool to combat ever stricter government regulations and their emphasis on smaller carbon footprints. Thermal barriers decrease heat loss or heat gain and, when combined with aluminum, create a corrosion resistant, non-combustible, robust and durable system. That’s why aluminum thermal breaks have become a great option for a wide range of businesses looking for a dependable product.

Excellent Products and Procedures

Western Extrusions is dedicated to your project and our mutual success as business partners. As such, we have teamed up with Azon to offer the most reliable thermal struts and processes on the market. Furthermore, we send periodic samples of our thermal breaks made via our pour and debridge process to Azon. This way, we can have third-party testing of our aluminum thermal breaks and procedures to ensure we’re compliant with and exceeding industry standards.

Our pour and debridge model for creating thermal struts offers customers the following benefits:

  • Allows for greater overall flexibility in the design stage
  • Allows for lower project costs in the long run
  • Allows for an efficient solution for thermal conductivity
  • Makes up the majority of thermal breaks in North America

When you choose thermal barrier strips you have these additional advantages:

  • Allows for design flexibility, enabling multiple finishing options
  • Provides a structurally secure assembly by increasing the strength and integrity of the system
  • Provides a high shear strength, with value ranges specific to a single or multiple strut system

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Get the best thermal break aluminum extrusions the market has to offer by investing in the premium products made by Western Extrusions. We provide service to businesses in the Carrollton, TX, area looking for aluminum thermal breaks that are strong, resilient and reliable. Our manufacturing plant adheres to demanding regulatory policies and surpasses quality standards by using the most efficient processes. Contact our dedicated team at 866-797-8405 for more information on thermal barrier strips and struts.