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As a valued Western Extrusions supplier, you need simple, streamlined access to tools and information to make the most of our partnership. Here you’ll find all you need, secured and unsecured. Share with your teams and check back regularly for updates.




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We’d love to partner with you to help meet your product and innovation needs. To get started, please go through our new Suppliers Check List. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team.

By becoming a Supplier of Western Extrusions, you may be subject to and, if so, will comply with the terms of the Non-disclosure agreement relating to Westerns disclosures set forth below.

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Westerns Supplier Assessment Tool was designed to identify WORLD CLASS suppliers and establish a roadmap for continuous process improvement in supplier quality.

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Here at Western, our crisis management is always improving, by taking into account all important characteristics from both sides. It aims to help the company survive from any kind of risks Western may face.

  • Natural crisis: Natural crisis are basically acts of God like flood, earthquake, etc.
  • Manmade crisis: These crises occur due to human beings like the castle Bravo fuel thermonuclear hydrogen bomb.
  • Dispute crisis: These crises are caused due to war or strike. For example the 2015 United steel workers oil refinery strike. The strike had caused undue delays in providing information, low production, etc.

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