Aluminum Fabrication

Quality Services

Our Quality Control department is equipped with the most technologically advanced metallurgical testing equipment in the industry. Western takes pride in producing the highest quality aluminum extrusions in the industry.

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These resources include a full complement of dimensional measurement equipment including a CMM, optical comparator and long length linear tables. First article inspections and PPAP documentation services are also available.

Testing Services

  • ARL 3460 Unit
    • Specifically designed for 6xxx series alloys
    • Equipped with 14 elemental channels
  • Easily characterizes an unknown sample for internal use or for the customer.
  • Western is unique to have such capability without a cast house
  • Zwick/Roell – Z100 Unit
    • Automated Extensometer
    • Minimal operator variation
  • Superior software
    • Custom set-up and data output
    • Including Yield to Break ratio
      (for indication of formability)
  • Non slip threaded clamps
    • Rectangular specimens or
    • Round specimens (0.250”, 0.350, 0.505”)
  • Capable of three point bend testing
  • Wilson hardness tester
    • Currently certified on Rockwell B, F, K and E scales
    • Offers a firm alternative to Webster
  • Automatic conversions from one scale to another
  • Capable of expanding to all hardness scales (except micro-hardness)
  • Western is able to test all kinds of our material for their ability to conduct electricity
  • A necessity for items sold into the electrical market
  • Spectrochemical analysis provides rapid and accurate chemical analysis of metal.
  • Utilizing high-end Zeiss Metallographic Microscopes
  • Certified metallurgists
  • Image analysis software:
    • Analyze grain size
    • Calculate percent area
    • Quantify results
  • 2605 painted aluminum extrusions