Big press extrusion


Western  offers a wide array of quality finishes. Choose from our Mechanical, Chemical or Paint options to give your aluminum products the perfect finish. We offer a full range of in house custom finishing services enabling us to meet our customers’ wide range of exact specifications.


Aluminum is the material of choice in many applications due to its finishing characteristics and color options. Western matches the finish with the end-use application.


Polishing, Straight Brush, Spiral Brush and Cross-Hatch Brush for lengths up to 25 feet.


Western Extrusions offers both acid etch and traditional caustic etch capabilities in Clear, Gold, Black (class I only), for lengths up to 30 feet. Western Extrusions also offers brite dip capabilities in Silver, Gold, Bronze, Black, Champagne and Platinum (Brushed Nickel) for lengths up to 30 feet. All chemical finishes meet or exceed all standards set forth by the AluminumAssociation and AAMA specifications.