Structural Aluminum Extrusions near Carrollton, TX

After shopping the world for the latest in Extrusion technology, Western Extrusions has acquired some of the most technologically advanced extrusion presses in North America. Our highly qualified technicians in Carrollton, TX, are capable of producing structural aluminum extrusions that suit your business needs. Whether you need aluminum or fractional metal extrusions, we can take care of a variety of requests. With our ultramodern facility, we can handle a wide range of extrusion jobs with the use of our advanced tools and machinery. You have many shapes and sizes to choose from and our dedicated team has you covered no matter what you’re looking for. Learn more about Western Extrusions’ custom extrusions by contacting our Carrollton service professionals today.

Western Extrusions Custom Extrusion Capabilities

Our aluminum structural frame extrusions are made efficiently with the finest materials and precise attention to detail. You can be sure that our technicians will complete your custom extrusion services with a skilled hand and many years of experience under their belt. We use the most leading technology in the industry to make slotted aluminum extrusions that will give you a smooth finish with minimal distortion. Western Extrusions is equipped with five presses capable of producing shapes up to a 19-inch diameter with extrusion lengths up to 60 feet.

Because of our sophisticated cooling and quenching systems, your extruded structures are completed to your exact specifications. We at Western Extrusions also run our die shop like a well-oiled machine, so we can tackle our customers’ orders in a cost-effective manner. Whether you need structural aluminum, fractional metal or slotted aluminum extrusions, we have you covered. Whichever style you’re looking for, our licensed technicians have the expertise to get it done.

Western Extrusions’ numerous extrusion presses allow us to supply products in a broad range of sizes, solid and hollow shapes, and precision tolerances demanded by ever-changing industry needs. Utilizing premium billet, Western offers 1060, 6063, 6005A, 6061 and 6463 alloys.

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Western Extrusions is a Carrollton, TX-based, company that produces custom extrusion structures made of aluminum and metal materials. Our technicians have the ability to make these fractional metal and slotted aluminum extractions using the best equipment in the field. It’s important that you get the results you seek from your aluminum structural frame extrusions. When you work with the professionals at Western Extrusions, you have peace of mind knowing we have the extensive training and understanding to back up our craftsmanship. Call us at 866-694-1142 to place a custom order today.