The city of Carrollton recognize April 16th as Western Extrusions Corporation employee appreciation day.

Carrollton, TX – City Government recognized April 16th as Western Extrusions Corporation Employee Appreciation Day for the courageous actions of Western Extrusions employees who rescued a driver from her partially submerged vehicle after she crashed into a pond across from their workplace. One heroic employee removed her from the vehicle and carried her to safety, representing a commendable commitment to the well-being of a fellow community member.

Western, Metrocrest & the city of Carrollton host health & safety fair.

Western Extrusions partnered with the city of Carrollton and Metrocrest to host a Health & Safety Fair for a day filled with fun activities, exciting demos by first responders, community information booths, and more! Our HR team was out in full force at Standridge Stadium handing out Western Swag.

Special Thanks to Metrocrest and City of Carrollton for putting on such a great event.

ASI welcomes Western Extrusions Corporation as new Industrial User member

ASI is pleased to announce that Western Extrusions Corporation has joined as an Industrial User member.

About Western Extrusions Corporation

As a leader in the aluminium extrusion industry, Western Extrusions is a single plant operation providing extrusion, fabrication, CNC machining, anodizing and painting. The mission of Western Extrusions is to safely produce aluminium extrusion products that give customers a competitive advantage by providing superior customer service, consistent quality, and diverse value-added services while adhering to the company values of Safety, Environment, Integrity, Quality, Mutual Respect, Improvement, Communication, Relationships, Trust, Cooperation and Management Stability. Combining leading extrusion technology, superior fabrication and finishing services and one-on-one customer interaction has earned Western Extrusions a reputation for excellence.

The vision of Western Extrusions is to be the supplier of choice for aluminium extrusion products and services and the employer of choice in our industry and our communities. Our mission is to safely produce quality aluminium extruded products that give our customers a competitive advantage. To enable our vision, we’re committed to continuous improvement, being good stewards of our environmental, industry and company resources, prioritizing safety over profit every single time, and delivering consistent quality and service to our customers. The ASI Certification supports our Vision and Mission by providing structure and support for continuous improvement, compliance, and resilient business processes and we are excited to engage in this process.

– Bennett McEvoy, President and CEO of Western Extrusions

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Western Extrusions presented with Environmental Distinction award for the 2nd straight year.

The City of Carrollton Environmental Services Department recognized Western Extrusions for their commitment to environmental principles and efforts in creating and maintaining a sustainable community at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, December 6.

A panel of environmental quality managers in the City along with a representative from the City Council reviews companies each year to determine which are meeting and exceeding requirements to display environmental excellence. Western Extrusions is a winner for the second year in a row.

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Western Extrusions pledges 450,000 to the Osteosarcoma Institute

Western Extrusions Pledges $450,000 to the Osteosarcoma Institute

On June 28, 2022, more than 800 Western Extrusions employees gathered in Carrollton, Texas, for their quarterly employee appreciation luncheon, where the Osteosarcoma Institute (OSI) was featured as their newest nonprofit partnership. Western’s Vice President of Human Resources Daniel Campos introduced OSI to the crowd and later, Western’s President and CEO Bennett McEvoy, along with his executive staff, presented the OSI with a check for $150,000. The donation will make an incredible difference in osteosarcoma research in the years to come and is the first installment in Western’s 3-year pledge of $450,000 to the OSI.

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Western Extrusions donates $250,000 to Metrocrest Services’ Building Our Future capital campaign.

“We are grateful for the work that Metrocrest Services does in this community and are honored to be able to support the building of their new headquarters,” said Bennett McEvoy, CEO of Western Extrusions.
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Western Extrusions awarded Business of the Year 2022

The Chamber presented Carrollton-based manufacturing company Western Extrusions Corporation with the Business of the Year Award honoring businesses who do an extraordinary job for their employees, provide employee incentives for staying with the company, offer additional training that leads to promotion, or gives back through community involvement. Winners are voted on by the Chamber Board of Directors.

“Carrollton has been Western Extrusions’ home for more than 40 years and the company intends on staying at least that many more,” Daniel Campos, Vice President Human Resources, said. “Western Extrusions appreciates the ability to partner with the City and the Metrocrest Chamber. We are truly honored by this recognition and look forward to another great year.”

Thanks to Western Extrusions’ efforts and donations, Carrollton Fire Rescue (CFR) purchased 1,000 free residential smoke alarms in January to install in at-risk areas of the City, partnered to create the ”Last Mile” transportation solution for its employees to and from the transit station, and donated money to launch PulsePoint, a free phone app designed to fill the gap in response time between a 911 call of a cardiac arrest incident and when paramedics arrive. In December, the City of Carrollton awarded Western Extrusions the Environmental Distinction Award for leadership in creating a sustainable future in its facilities and in the community. Western Extrusions is also a supporter of Metrocrest Services and has been instrumental in helping fund the new Metrocrest Services building.

The company has a great recruiting program with 67 percent of new hires coming from our internal referral program, Campos said. In a very difficult hiring environment, Western Extrusions was able to hire 174 employees in 2021. The company recently implemented annual Longevity Awards, provided free COVID-19 vaccination clinics for employees and their family members, paid sick time during COVID-19 to encourage employees to stay home, and allowed employees to use vacation time during the 2021 winter storm. Western Extrusions is currently working with underserved communities throughout the DFW area to hire and train these individuals and bring them on board.

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Western Extrusions Donates to Life-Saving Smoke Alarm Program

Thanks to a donation of $15,000 from Carrollton-based manufacturing company Western Extrusions, Carrollton Fire Rescue (CFR) will be able to purchase and install 1,000 free smoke alarms in homes throughout especially at-risk areas of the City.

The donation and the alarms will support CFR’s long-term goal of a more robust community smoke alarm program.

“The City is grateful for Western Extrusions’ generous donation to supply life-saving smoke alarms throughout residents’ homes,” Carrollton Mayor Kevin Falconer said. “Our vision for Carrollton is to be the community that families and businesses want to call home. Our commitment to protecting the lives of all of our citizens with efforts like the smoke alarm program continues to make Carrollton one of the safest places to live, work, and play.”

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), smoke alarms are a key part of a home fire escape plan. When there is a fire, smoke spreads fast. NFPA estimates that individuals have one to two minutes to exit the home. Working smoke alarms give early warning, so residents can get outside quickly and save lives.

“We could not have implemented the smoke alarm program without the partnership of Western Extrusions,” CFR Chief Gregg Salmi said. “Dozens of families have been helped in the initial efforts of this program and hundreds more will be able to sleep better knowing their loved ones are safer, thanks to Western Extrusions.”

To participate in the program, CFR has compiled a list of neighborhoods that would best benefit from a one-on-one interaction with CFR Fire Prevention personnel. A neighborhood may be chosen because of the age of the homes, the demographic of the homeowners, or a request from residents.

If a street is next on the list, CFR will distribute printed information to all houses explaining, in English and Spanish, that it would like to conduct a check of the smoke alarms in the home for safety purposes. The information will also provide a specific day, date, and time for CFR personnel to return.

On that date, with good weather and the permission of each homeowner, CFR will return to educate residents on fire and life safety in their homes, answer questions they may have concerning fire and safety, and test existing smoke alarms, replace non-functioning ones, and install additional smoke alarms, if needed. This is a free service performed by CFR and made possible by Western Extrusions.

“During a residential fire, every second is critical to alerting homeowners to a dangerous situation,” Bennett McEvoy, Vice President of Sales for Western Extrusions, said. “Donating to Carrollton’s smoke alarm program is the company’s way of giving back to the community it has called home for more than 40 years. Providing alarms to homes in need is giving our neighbors the best chance at survival if a fire should occur.”

The smoke alarms are equipped with a 10-year, tamper-resistant battery and a dual sensor that combines both photoelectric and ionization technology. The photoelectric feature is more responsive to smoldering fires that produce a lot of smoke at the beginning, and the ionization feature is more responsive to flaming fires that ignite quickly.

“CFRs Prevetion Division and Western Extrusions are working together to lessen the risk of fire deaths for Carrollton residents,” Carrollton Fire Marshal Herb Cavenaugh said. “When a tragic loss of life occurs in a house fire, too often that scenario is linked with a lack of working smoke alarms. CFR’s goal is to ensure that every home in Carrollton has an early detection system for the dangerous smoke and fumes produced in a house fire.”

NFPA’s 2020 Desk Reference states the risk of dying in a home fire is 55 percent lower in homes with working smoke alarms. In 2021, the NFPA report on Smoke Alarms in US Home Fires stated three out of five home-fire deaths were caused in properties with no smoke alarms.

If a smoke alarm sounds in a home, residents should stop what they are doing, choose the best way to exit the room, get outdoors quickly, and meet family outside in a designated area.

To have a neighborhood added to CFR’s list or for more information, call the Fire Marshal’s office at 972-466-3070.

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Western Extrusions receive 2021 City of Carrollton Environmental Distinction Award.

The City of Carrollton Environmental Services Department recognized Western Extrusions for their commitment to environmental principles and efforts in creating and maintaining a sustainable community. This award is given to organizations that display leadership in creating a sustainable future in their facilities and in the community through commitment to compliance, demonstration of enhanced pollution prevention practices, and display of environmental stewardship through recycling efforts, resource reductions, and more.

Western Extrusions achieves 3,000,000 Man-Hours without a Lost Time Accident