Packaging / Shipping

Our packaging options and shipping methods are geared to ensure material quality and customer satisfaction.


Western Extrusions provides whatever packing measurement necessary to preserve the quality of each custom extrusion order throughout its delivery. Whatever size or shape you need, small or large, basic or complex, Western Extrusions has the packing capabilities to meet your needs.

Packing options include master bundling, bare bundling, paper layering, foam layering, paper interleaving, strapping, spiral wrapping, stretch wrapping, and cardboard boxing.

Our packing procedures are geared to ensure your satisfaction and meet your handling needs.


All orders are checked by shipping coordinators and shipping supervisors for accuracy while loading. To preserve the quality of the material, it is loaded directly onto a flatbed and stored in one of our bays until the order is ready to ship.

Western Extrusions uses three dependable and well-established flatbed carriers to deliver most shipments. We have the capability of tracking the shipments through the Internet with satellite tracking equipment that is installed in all of the flatbed carriers' tractors. This allows us to provide the customers with accurate shipment location status.